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Lino Printing Kit containing everything you need to get started in this fun craft!All the contents have been handpicked by me and represent the best beginner level kit I can find.The ink and lino are both professional quality and are the products I use in making my own prints. They are also some of the most eco-friendly available.The ink is oil based but still water washable which makes clean up super easy. It's made using linseed oil which much more eco friendly than synthetic oils. Your kit will have black OR blue ink depending on availabilityTraditional lino is a fantastic material for carving. I always use fresh lino which is lovely and soft to cut. Carved detail can be 'snapped' away which means a wider variety of marks can be made compared with cheaper vinyl materials. This traditional stuff is made from compressed cork powder and linseed oil so it can also be composted - bonus!The roller is the very best economy roller I have found, its softness gives great ink coverage helping you make a fabulous print every time with no roller edge marks showing up on your prints. Its really easy to get a solid even layer of colour with this roller.The tools are a brilliant beginners set with a lovely wooden handle. Comfortable to hold and with blades that are easy to sharpen so will stay usable for years. 5 different blades to experiment with and make different marksA non-slip mat to rest your lino on whilst cutting. This protects the table top and stops the lino moving about as you cut.A sturdy plastic roll out slab gives you a clean, smooth surface to roll out the ink on.This kit has an accompanying, specially made instruction video which you can see by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

Lino Print Kit, for making your own prints. An ideal gift.