This kit is made to order so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery


This kit is designed as the next level up from the print kit, it's for people who have done a little lino printing and already have the basic tools - this kit does not contain the carving tools.

It comes with two inks; Phthalo Green and Process Yellow. These colours have been chosen not only because they look great together but also because they can be used straight from the tube with no mixing required and have a good contrast against each other.

As with all my kits, the contents are the best quality I can find - professional inks and lino, excellent soft roller. Top quality paintbrush, gouache and indian ink. It also comes with useful additional items such as an acrylic ink slab, mountcard strips for holding lino in place and tracing paper to help you reverse your design.
The other crucial contents are the Ternes Burton pins and tabs which can transform reduction printing from a fiddly, frustrating task into one that's easy and a pleasure to do!

Its a great kit if you want to try reduction lino printing for the first time or Caligo Safewash Inks or Ternes Burton Pins and Tabs or you want a bit of help taking your printing to the next level!

Here's the film I made to show the new Two Colour Reduction Lino Print Kit in action - just copy and paste the link into your browser:

Its a step by step guide to printing a simple two colour linocut using the pins and tabs that come with the kit to register (line-up) the two layers, I hope you find it useful!

Lino Reduction Print Kit