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Welcome to Bristol Print Room.

Bristol Print Room is the home studio of

Printmaker Steph Renshaw.

Steph opened her doors in 2017 and has never looked back. She loves to teach all abilities and share all that she has learnt in the world of printmaking.


About Me.

I have always been a keen artist working in a variety of media. Printmaking caught my imagination and then quickly started to take over my life about 10 years ago. The versatility of this medium is endless and I have not got close to ending my exploration of what can be achevied with some gorgeous inks and a lovely paper surface!


I love to share my enthusiasm for print and invite people into my home studio. The great advantage of print is that you don't have to be able to draw to acheive amazing results. I love watching people's confidence grow as they see that they can be creative and make fantastic prints too!


Teaching is a key part of my own creative practice. All my courses are taught in small groups which means that I can offer loads of support and guidance. I love that my courses can be flexible and adapt to whoever is in the group and what they want to acheive. These little groups are always really freindly and encouraging.

I teach from my home studio as well as running print courses for Spike Island in Bristol and New Brewery Arts in Cirencester. 

I have a portable printing kit that I take to schools and community centres so that I can bring print to the people!

I make my own prints and sell at print fairs, shops and galleries. Please do take a look at my sister website dedicated to my own printmaking

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