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Linocut is a relief printing method. The design is carved away from the surface of a lino block. The remaining surface is inked with a roller and the image transferred to paper by applying pressure. 

Lino printing is a popular and accessible techniques because it can be done at home with minimum equipment.

It's great method for making bold, graphic prints. Multicoloured results can be achieved by building the image up with several printed layers.

Q. Can you explaint the types of printing?


Collagraph is an intaglio printing method. A textured printing plate is made up using techniques similar to collage. This plate is then inked up and polished back - the image is made from ink trapped in the surface texture. This image is transferred to paper using a printing press to apply a great deal of pressure.

Its a very experimental medium as there are endless options for plate materials and inking methods. It is suitable for all ages and abilities. It's a great way to make colourful, textural, playful prints.

Getting some autumn themed, demonstratio


Drypoint is an intaglio printing method. A sharp steel point is use to scratch an image into the surface of the plate. The abrasions on the surface trap ink which can then be transferred to paper using a press. 

Tonal work can be created using cross hatching or by manipulating the ink remaining on the surface of the plate. 

Bold splashes of colour can be added using Chine Collé - glued tissue paper bonded to the print

This is a lovely way to make atmospheric prints particularly if you enjoy drawing.


Etching is an intaglio process that uses a chemical reaction to create an image on a printing plate rather than using tools directly.

By repeating the process of masking/etching several times, the image is built up in layers of line and tone. The etched plates themselves are lovely objects in their own right. They can also be inked and the image transferred to paper via a press.

This technique would best suit someone familiar with intaglio printing. Making the plate is relatively  process-heavy but it's a great method for printing an edition.

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