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I highly recommend this beginners linocut set. I have been using these sets in my classes for years and they are by far my most favourite make.


This set has blades fixed to the handles completely sidestepping the faff of swapping blades over. 6 cutting blades in each pack - two V gouges and four U gouges of different widths.

The V gouges can be used to make really fine marks and the U gouges are lovely and shallow making them really efficient tools for clearing spaces in your lino without causing ridges.


I have hand painted each set with it's own colour so that you won't get yours mixed up with anyone elses (and it makes them look even better!)


When you buy these online it's pot luck what colour you get ! But if you desperately want to choose your own colour  - come along to a course and pick your set!

Lino Cutting Tools

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