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Covid - 19 safety measures

Things I will do:

  • Postpone sessions if I have any covid related symptoms at all. 

  • I will wear a mask  (please contact if you rely on lip-reading and I will do my best to make suitable arrangements)

  • I will wash my hands regularly with soapy water and use hand-sanitiser regularly

  • I will provide separate tools and materials for students and myself

  • All surfaces, handles and tools will be thoroughly cleaned at the beginning and end of each session


Things I ask of students:

  • Do not come if you have any covid related symptoms at all

  • Please wear a mask. (Wearing a visor in addition to a mask is optional)

  • Wash your hands regularly throughout the session and bring your own hand-sanitiser to use.

  • Please be mindful of what you touch and use the tools/materials allocated to you.

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